Safety and precautions for abortion
Safety and precautions for abortion

Abortion means early termination of pregnancy or miscarriage. There are certain circumstances where some women end a pregnancy by abortion. There can be many reasons for taking such decision. Most two common ways used for aborting a pregnancy are:

•             Surgical

•             Medical

It is necessary to have good knowledge about the safety and precautions for pregnancy termination. It is important to follow all safety and precautions in termination of pregnancy. There are many safety and precautions that need to follow. Some of them are explained as follows:

Safety and precaution for abortion are:

1.            Termination of pregnancy method

One must consult to a doctor about early termination pregnancy. They must get proper information whether which method is safe. Ask for a healthy and safe method of aborting the pregnancy. Gets a suggestion from the doctor about safe pregnancy terminating method? Have a discussion about surgical and medical termination of pregnancy. According, to your body, is sure about safer and healthier method.

2.            Medication pills

Women chose to have a medical termination. Then one must have detail knowledge about all medication used for aborting an early pregnancy. There are many medications for abortion such as MTP KIT, mifepristone (Mifeprex), misoprostol (Cytotec).They must consult about these pills with their doctor before their use. To terminate a pregnancy at home one can buy abortion pills online. Precaution regarding early termination pills:

•             Some women may have allergies to ingredients contained in these pills.

•             Have full detail of medical termination process.

•             Take proper dosage of medication as prescribed.

3.            Avoid consumption of harmful product and drugs

Most doctor advice, no medical termination pills use when:

•             Smoking more than 10 cigarettes per day is harmful.

•             Alcohol consumption while having termination pills can be dangerous.

•             Also, any other kind of harmful drugs should not be taken during abortion pills use.

4.            Age limit

Women more than 35 ages should not make use of this termination pills. It is a given advice from most doctors. Therefore, women above the age of 35 should not use this termination pills.

5.            Other diseases

One must avoid the use of termination pregnancy pills if suffering from any serious diseases. Such as kidney, diabetes, heart problem, thyroids gland etc. Hence, it not recommended to a patient having these diseases.

6.            Side effects of termination of pregnancy

In both methods of termination of pregnancy, the side effects faced are more or less same. Most common side effects seen are:

•             Vaginal bleeding

•             cramping,

•             vomiting,

•             Nausea,

•             cough

•             Sickness

•             Insomnia

•             Diarrhoea

•             Fatigue

•             sweating

•             Abdominal pain etc

             If women still have any of these symptoms for more days. Then don’t ignore and soon visit your doctor.

7.            Material required after aborting pregnancy

Women must take care that they have a maxi pad. They will have heavy bleeding for at least two-three days. Therefore, it is advisable to have to maxi pad after termination of pregnancy.

8.            Affect mental health

Sometimes, some women get disturbed after termination of pregnancy. Some of the reasons may be:

•             After effects of abortion

•             Society assumption toward their decision of aborting pregnancy etc.

              This may lead to the problem of depression and may affect women mental health. Therefore, it is better to visit a doctor for a consultation to overcome this problem.