Best diet to eat after abortion
Best diet to eat after abortion

Termination of pregnancy can be done by the surgical or medical method. Most women buy abortion pill online to end their early pregnancy. Women after terminating a pregnancy may experience some body changes. Following surgical or medical abortion through online abortion pills, women body may experience heavy bleeding reducing the level of iron and another vitamin in the body. In order to maintain the nutritious balance of all food groups that supply iron, vitamin, protein, and calcium and to avoid the risk of anaemia and osteoporosis follow the healthy and proper diet.

Diet to follow after abortion through abortion pills

1.            Vegetables and fruits

Women after termination of pregnancy should consume the plenty amount of fruits and vegetable in order to get nutrients your body require after the loss of pregnancy. Fruits and vegetable supply vitamin and minerals as well as dietary fiber required to your body after termination. It also helps to enhance nutrients absorptions as well as improves digestive quality after abortion.

2.            Food contains iron supplement

As mention above, women may experience heavy bleeding after abortion. Even termination can cause anaemia, feeling weakness, fatigue and other symptoms. These can cause a decrease in the amount of iron in your body. Therefore, it is essential to consume food that provides an iron supplement to your body after a pregnancy loss.

3.            Food contains Protein

After the abortion, your body requires dietary protein to make new blood cells. Also, protein foods contain many other nutrients which will help to improves blood count after abortion. Therefore, foods like fish, shellfish, chicken, pork etc and cooked dry beans and peas these all provide a high amount of protein and some vital amount of iron and vitamin B.

4.            Dairy and calcium foods

After ending a pregnancy, low-fat dairy products satisfy many of your lingerings by keeping your calories intake low. Dairy foods support calcium stores in bones and stones. It also increases intake of vitamin D for absorption of calcium and all relevant vitamin B with few cup of serving milk. Foods that are best sources of calcium are milk, dried fruits, dairy products, dark green leafy vegetable, soy, seafood like sardines and salmon.






Diet not to follow after abortion

1.            Avoid Junk foods

It is very important to avoid eating junk food after abortion. This junk food will prevent you from consuming healthy and nutrients rich foods that you require after termination.

2.            Food contains fatty milk and meals

Avoid food like chicken, butter, cheese, whole milk etc or consume it in very low amount after a miscarriage. This is because such fatty food can cause inflammation which may lead to pain and discomfort after abortion. Hence, it is very important to avoid inflammation caused by such foods.

3.            Food with low-fiber starches

As we know carbohydrates provide your body energy required and helps to control sugar level of the body. But at the same time, low-fiber starches food may have an adverse impact on your body. Also, they cause rapid fluctuations in sugar level. Therefore, it is also important to avoid foods like noodles, instant rice, egg etc.

4.            Avoid sweets items

It is found that sugary food with the high glycemic index can cause fluctuation of sugar levels. Therefore, avoid foods like carbonated drinks, candies and many more products.

5.            Avoid soya product

Soya is good for health but a larger amount of soya after abortion is not good. This is because; it is full of phytate, which prevents women body from absorbing iron. So, it is advice that to lower the amount of soya that you consume after a loss of pregnancy.