A complete search on using medical abortion
A complete search on using medical abortion

Today the main cause of abortion is monetary constraints were couples at the very 1st instance try to avoid unwanted pregnancy with the help of contraceptives or if contraceptives fail then the only possible solution is through abortion. This is the reason why cheap abortion pills online are available where the couple can undergo abortion within their budget. Now the question arises of security, whether these termination pills can give a safe abortion or can lead to complications that may turn out to be worse. Abortion nowadays is done safely by both the methods i.e. by medical method (abortion pills) or by surgical method (suction aspiration or extraction).

 The medical method is viable only in the first trimester i.e. within the 7th, 8th and the 9th week. While the surgical method is possible beyond the 1st trimester period. The medical pills include the Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills which are available easily online.

The Mifepristone pill works as a barrier to the flow of progesterone hormone that is the essential hormone needed for building the conceptus. As the hormone is impeded the pregnancy terminates there itself and the embryo detaches from the placenta. This Mifepristone pill is available under the brand names Mifegest, Mifeprex, and generic RU486. All these brands of abortion pill contain the same ingredient that is required for the abortion. If used within the 7th week of gestation period this pill can be used solely to abort the pregnancy. Till the 7th week, it has the capacity to wash off the uterus.

Misoprostol pill is used singly during the 8th week. It functions by creating contractions in the uterus thus wiping out the entire pregnancy parts in the form of blood. The Misoprostol pill is available under the brand names Cytotec and cytolog. Though Misoprostol is also used to treat stomach ulcers and induce labor.

Beyond the 8th week and during the 9th week both the abortion pills are used in combination to get an abortion. The required dosages of both the pills are either prescribed by the doctor or it is available in the combo pack of MTP Kit and Abortion pill pack. Both the packs contain one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) and four pills of Misoprostol (800 mcg) the only difference is that abortion pill pack contains added anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, and anti-coagulant medicine required to treat the side-effects of the abortion pills.

All the abortion pills will work only when the pregnancy is uterine and not ectopic where the embryo gets attached to the passage of the fallopian tube. Most of the cases it is seen that the women administer the abortion pills themselves at their homes without any help from any doctor. Only in few cases i.e. 4-5 %, help from a medical practitioner is required when the pregnancy is a bit a critical. The pills have their own side-effects which vary from each individual. In some cases, women feel nauseous and heavy vaginal bleeding is seen. In such circumstances, a medical help is required or in maximum cases, it is seen that the abortion pills give a hassle-free abortion through a more secret approach.