Ectopic pregnancy and Causes
Ectopic pregnancy and Causes

Pregnancy is the best stage which is faced by women wherein she can feel the baby and gives birth to new life. Sometimes women have an ectopic pregnancy. Mostly women who want to abort their child buy abortion pills but women having ectopic pregnancy cannot use this abortion pill. This type of pregnancy is not normal.  In such type of pregnancies, fertilized eggs are implanted out of the uterus.

Ectopic pregnancy is risky and do not lead to the normal growth and delivery of the baby. In this pregnancy, embryo is unable to grow properly due to less space which may sometimes damage the fallopian tube. This is termed as rupturing. This can also lead to bleeding, severe pain and may even result in death.

Nowadays it is possible to detect ectopic pregnancy and induce them.  Mostly the factors responsible for such pregnancies are not known but some of the factors are:

Previous ectopic pregnancy:

If you previously had ectopic pregnancy then you are more likely to have ectopic pregnancy again.

Inflammation and infection:

Eggs are picked up by fallopian tube from the and then it is transferred to the . This transfer takes place due to muscle contraction. When fertilization occurs in the , fallopian tube by squeezing and sweeping makes the embryo to get pushed the uterus. If this embryo is unable to work it comes out of the uterus which ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes the fallopian tube is been blocked due to infection which causes pelvic inflammatory disease. Even uterine device may lead to infection which causes ectopic pregnancy.


Consuming nicotine increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy by 5%. Nicotine makes the fallopian tube to contract due to which this tube gets blocked and the embryo comes . Even if you smoke at an stage of pregnancies it may lead to ectopic pregnancy.


If you had reproductive organ related surgery then there are more chances of ectopic pregnancy. Tubal litigation is a procedure tubes are tied due to which pregnancy is prevented but still if pregnancy occurs there are chances of this type of pregnancy. This happens the damage to the tube. If you had surgery related to the structure of fallopian tube and you are pregnant then you are suggested to diagnosis pregnancy because it may lead to ectopic pregnancy.


If you are in taking any of the fertility drugs or contraceptive medical hormones then you may have a pregnancy.These types of drug alter the squeezing and contraction ability of the tube. If you notice pregnancy after using these drugs make sure you consult your


Normal pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy both have similar symptoms but you need ectopic pregnancy. Methotrexate is used to terminate this pregnancy in early stages but if pregnancy is growing then surgery is recommended. tube is removed if it is damaged and pregnancy is terminated and if it is partially damaged then the tube is left to heal and pregnancy is terminated.