Tips on when to get pregnant after abortion
Tips on when to get pregnant after abortion

Pregnancy changes the lives of women. It is one of the beautiful dreams coming true when a woman is pregnant. But some of the women due to some or other reason try to terminate their pregnancy. The decision of termination makes women feel sad, guilty and become anxious. Most of the women buy abortion pill pack online so that they can end their pregnancy. This is the safest way of terminating the pregnancy at early stages. After the medical abortion, the complication or risk of pregnancy is nil or less. But before you conceive after abortion make sure that your body is properly healed. If your body is not properly healed then you may risk your life as well as baby’s life. Before you conceive after abortion make sure that you consult a gynecologist.

Things that you need to consider before you conceive after abortion:

Check that reproductive system is not damaged:

Due to advance medical it has become easy to terminate your pregnancy. But the methods surgical abortion may sometime cause infection and even may damage . Before you conceive consult your gynecologist to make sure that your reproductive organ is strong enough to bear the pregnancy and your to has not been hindered after an procedure.

Be careful after multiple abortions:

Some of the women must have had multiple abortions. Though medical abortion is nothing that you need to worry still this procedure may weaken your cervix. Your cervix can by following kegel exercise. Following the exercise routine will strengthen your cervix over the time. Even if your cervix is weak still you can conceive. Your doctor may need to stitch your cervix close so that it helps to grow your baby in a safe place.

Do not practice soon:

After using abortion pills your body undergoes contraction and bleeding due to which your body gets weak. Getting pregnant soon after having an is quite risky. During the your body undergoes many of the which affect your pregnancy. After having an abortion you should wait at least for a year to conceive so that your uterus gets strong enough to bear the child.

Use contraceptives:

Even after having an abortion you may indulge sexual activity. This also helps you to overcome your depression. Indulging in sexual activity is alright but make sure that your partner uses contraceptives because you cannot afford pregnant soon after the . Even you should avoid the intake of birth control pills so that no hormonal change can affect your reproductive system.

Consider assisted pregnancy:

After having an it may happen that you may develop issues in getting pregnant again. If such thing happens then you can use IUV and IVF fertilization method to get pregnant. In IVF, fertilization is made to happen outside the uterus whereas in IUV method fertilization is made inside the uterus. preferred less but also results positively.