What are estrogen and progesterone and their roles
What are estrogen and progesterone and their roles

Hormones are those chemicals which are required by a body for normal functioning. A woman’s body constitutes mainly two hormones the estrogen and progesterone. Both these hormones are necessarily required for the proper functioning of the body. Both of these are steroid hormones required for the normal functioning of the body. However, there are lots of differences between the two hormones.

Estrogen hormone is produced by the ovaries before the start of ovulation. This hormone is also produced by the placenta. Besides the ovarian follicles corpus letum also produces some amount of estrogen. As mentioned above this hormone is a steroid hormone which is also produced by the adrenal glands located above the kidneys and by the different fat tissues.

There are various works that are done by the estrogen hormone-like growth of the breasts, properly starting of the menstrual cycle, keeping the level of cholesterol under control and protecting bones, heart, skin, and other tissues.

Low level of estrogen affects the body in a way that it leads to lots of weight gain, heavy bleeding during the periods, loss of sex drive, fibroid in the breasts. The estrogen level also varies during the periods that are higher in the middle and it falls during the last days of the menstrual cycle.

Progesterone is another female hormone that is very essentially required for the development of the pregnancy. in fact when medical abortion takes place with the help of pregnancy termination pills. The Mifeprex pill acts as anti-progesterone to inhibit the flow of this progesterone hormone.

This hormone is also produced by the ovaries but it is after the ovulation process is done and it is produced by the placenta after the pregnancy. if the egg is fertilized then the progesterone is produced to create the lining of the uterus and develop the blood vessels and nourishes the glands in order to establish the placenta for the embryo to get planted. Once the placenta is prepared the egg connects to the placenta and placenta starts producing the progesterone for the development of the fetus. If the egg is not fertilized the progesterone sheds down the uterus lining and the mensuration is caused.

There are no known facts about the causes of high progesterone level but low progesterone level causes a lot menstrual bleeding. At times low progesterone is also caused due to ovary cyst.


During the process of the ovulation, the estrogen is high. The level of progesterone rises only when the egg has been released. If the fertilization takes place estrogen works to thicken the uterine walls and the progesterone also prepares the uterus for the implantation process.

Both of them also work during the birth control time as the birth control pills stimulate the flow of both the hormones and them to seem to be tricking the body of being pregnant.


There are also differences between both the hormones. Both of them are produced by the ovaries but the FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) helps in producing the estrogen and the flow of the progesterone is controlled by the LH hormone.