How does MTP Kit work for abortion?
How does MTP Kit work for abortion?

Those who wish to buy MTP Kit must be in the dilemma whether to buy it or not or whether this will lead to some misfortune in future. This termination pill is highly ordered because of its high efficacy rate and this pill is also supposed to work efficiently during the later days of the pregnancy i.e. till the 9th week.

This pill has both the essential pills necessary for abortion the Mifepristone and the Misoprostol. Both these pills though are also used individually but both these pills, when used together, have a high rate of efficacy. Hence women prefer to buy MTP Kit.

Working of the abortion pills

The Mifepristone pill is also known as an anti-progesterone pill which helps in detaching the embryo from the placenta. As the level of progesterone lessens the placenta does not have enough strength to support the embryo because the embryo only develops in the presence of progesterone.

Likewise, the Misoprostol pill clears the entire uterus by creating contractions and diluting the cervix and letting the entire pregnancy part get expelled from the vagina in the form of blood. This also has the capacity to clear stomach ulcers and also help in starting labor pain as this has the inner quality of creating turbulence in the uterus thus clearing all the parts from the uterus.

Both these pills are present in the MTP Kit where one pill of Mifepristone of 220 mg and 4 pills of Misoprostol of 200 mcg is present. These pills are supposed to be taken in sequence according to the tasks done by these pills such as Mifepristone pill is taken first and Misoprostol is taken second. Both these pills are taken orally with the help of water.

The Misoprostol pill is also taken vaginally but this needs an expert hand to be done because if it is not placed properly then this can lead to continuing of pregnancy and if pregnancy is continued after taking the Mifepristone pill then it can lead to invalid birth. The Misoprostol pills can be taken all the four at a time or can be taken one after the other with a time interval of 3-4 hours.

Both these pills will lead to heavy vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps. This pill may lead to vomiting or feeling of nausea. If you have vomited only half an hour later of using this pill then you should visit the doctor as this pill contents may not have reached to your blood completely and this can also lead to invalid pregnancy in future.

Any other kinds of side-effects other than mild fever and chills should not be taken callously and needs to be cautiously handled by the report to the doctor immediately.

This MTP Kit does not work if the pregnancy is ectopic hence get an ultrasound done and confirm your type of pregnancy. These tablets are not supposed to be used if you are more than 35 years and less than 18 years of age. Just remember not to take grapefruit as this increases the bleeding and avoid intake of magnesium in any form as this will aggravate the problem of diarrhea.