The whole life of women is of ups and downs. And she is the one who has the courage to take the decision of termination. Pregnancy is a part of women wherein she is the only one who is truly connected to the baby. Termination nowadays is done by using two methods one is medical and other is surgical. Most of the women buy abortion pill pack so that they can terminate the pregnancy by maintaining the privacy. During termination, it is important that women should be able to cope up. Most of the women feel guilt and have a mixed feeling of termination but it is important that you cope up so that you can heal quickly.

Following are some of the tips that you need to follow while having termination:


          Relaxing is the important part which can help you cope up with this process. Relaxing can help you to stay calm and reduce anxiety or feel nervous so that it becomes easy for you to deal with abortion process. Before the process starts you can focus on inhaling and exhale of breath so that you calm down and this process can be carried out with ease without stress.

Discuss with light-minded people:

             You can discuss your feelings to someone whom you trust. This is one of the options which you can use to come up with depression or guilt that you are facing due to the termination decision. Especially talk to someone who has undergone the same situation and can guide you to deal with this problem. Getting someone's support during such time can help you to know that you are not alone.

Avoid harmful things:

                Termination process is an end to pregnancy due to which some of the women feel depressed and may also opt for the ways which are wrong. Some of the women due to guilt and depression use substances like alcohol or drugs so that they can cope up. But this makes your emotional pain to last for a long time. Instead, you can ask a help from a counselor or do the activities in which you are interested.

Take a complete rest:

          Women have chores to do while she is at home. But during termination, it is important that you take a complete rest. Even you should avoid lifting the things which are heavy because this can make you bleed more. Your body requires time to heal and rest is only the way which can help speed up the process of healing.

Proper diet:

             After using abortion pills women lose lots of blood and clots. These way women lose all the essential nutrients, proteins, calcium and vitamins. During this process the body gets weak and if women have diarrhea symptoms then there are chances that she can get weaker. Hence it is important that you should take a proper diet and should consume plenty of fluids so that it can help you recover fast.

Termination process is a very difficult time which is faced by women and it is important that you should have someone near you who can help you to come up during this phase.