Termination the unwanted pregnancy with the help of natural remedies
Termination the unwanted pregnancy with the help of natural remedies

Termination process is done mostly at initial stages. Type of termination depends on the pregnancy gestation period. Once you terminate your pregnancy you cannot reverse this process. Millions of women due to a scary process of surgery order Cytotec online so that they can terminate the pregnancy at home and privately. The early you decide to terminate, the many options you have. As the gestation period of pregnancy increases the options for termination left are few. Abortion pills are the best option but you can even stick to natural remedies that help you in terminating the pregnancy.

Following are some of the natural remedies which you can use to terminate the pregnancy:


         This yummy fruit is good for your overall health. Consuming papaya can result in good health as well you can have a good intake of fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin and other essential elements. Papaya is the most trusted and oldest remedy which you can use for abortion.  Prostaglandin and oxytocin are the two important elements that help in terminating the pregnancy. You can simply have the juice or eat ripe papaya to get the results.

Sesame seeds:

      Sesame seeds are one of the foods which cause miscarriage. When you consume sesame seeds with organic honey then it causes to spontaneous abortion in women. You can mix sesame seeds with water and let it soak overnight and consume this seed next morning to get the effective results.

Pineapple juice:

      This is one of the remedies which women can use to abort the pregnancy. This fruit contains vitamin C and enzyme called bromelain which helps to terminate the pregnancy. Both the substance present helps to soften the cervix due to which miscarriage can carried. You can consume a bowl of this fruit to get the results.

Chamomile tea or dried chamomile water:

       Chamomile is the ingredient which is capable to contract the uterus and produces the hormones which help to trigger the bleeding. Thus consuming chamomile tea can help you to terminate the pregnancy safely.

Blueberry root:

       Blueberry root which is also known as blueberry cohosh is the ingredient which helps to treat some of the female health issues. This is one of the good options to terminate the pregnancy at home. You need to make a thin paste of blue cohosh and consume it with water or honey on regular basis. This will boost the bleeding in the body and will lead to miscarriage.


        Cardiovascular activities along with heavy exercise if practiced during initial months of pregnancy then can lead to miscarriage. Even if you practice cardio with aerobics then it can lead to smooth delivery during your final stage. If you are planning termination then you can try jogging, jumping, climbing stairs and cycling in daily routine to abort a child.


         To get the desired and effective result you need to consume parsley leaves frequently but in small quantity. This works the same way as vitamin C. It helps to dilate the cervix and contract the uterus which leads to miscarriage. You can consume parsley juice with water or can consume its supplements to get the abortion done.