Healing after c-section at the hospital
Healing after c-section at the hospital

Pregnancy is the beautiful phase as well the stages of pregnancies are been enjoyed by women. Experiencing pregnancy and going through each and every stage is one of the gifts to the mother. Most women wish to have a cesarean section or c-section as known and some wish to have a vaginal birth. Wish is not only enough to confirm the delivering way of the baby. Cesarean section is nowadays common and is faced by many women and it requires a lot of time to recover. You can use some of the tricks so that you can heal properly and quickly.

These are the remedies which can help you to cope up with c-section surgery in hospital:

Take a walk:

                After C-section, you will have to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days or even more depending on the situation. After 24hours you will be encouraged to walk. Moving after this condition is little tough but it will help to counter the side effects of constipation and build-up of gas in the abdomen. As well it will reduce the risk of having too many clots. This will give you pain initially buy steadily it will decrease.

While breastfeeding asks for help

           After surgery, your body will heal and sometimes put a strain on the wound that can result in side effect. After you feel well you should start breastfeeding your baby. Ask someone who is near you or nurse to help to position yourself and your baby so that there is no pressure on the abdomen and even healing process is not disturbed.  Using a pillow will help you ease to an extent.

Know about more vaccination

           Take the proper care and preventive measures so that you can protect the health of your baby. If you do not have current vaccination ask about it and been in the hospital can help you to know about more vaccinations which can help you to keep up the health of the baby.

Stay a clean while in the hospital

            Hospitals though are cleaned still contains a lot of bacteria and harmful chemicals. So when you are in hospital keep your hands clean and do not even hesitate doctors and nurse to sanitize there hand before they touch your baby. The infection in hospitals like MRSA can be kept away just by washing your hands.

Follow up is important

            The tough part begins when you get back to home. Even after you leave the hospital healing process continues. All the instructions given by doctors should be followed so that it can help you ease the healing process. After you leave the hospital it is important that you have a follow-up appointment with your doctor. Some patients are even called after few days to remove the staples and incision to be checked.

After having c-section surgery it is important that you take a proper care. After you are been discharged from the hospital even at home you should make sure that you have a proper care of yourself as well of your baby.