Naturally, have miscarriage of unwanted pregnancy with food
Naturally, have miscarriage of unwanted pregnancy with food

Pregnancy is the dream of every woman coming true but due to health conditions or due to some of the reasons she may need to terminate her pregnancy. There are many of the women who order abortion pill pack online to terminate the pregnancy. This is one of the best ways but you can even use natural remedies which can help you to terminate the pregnancy.

Following are the foodstuff that can terminate your pregnancy without the help of medications:

Papaya: women are not allowed to eat papaya especially the green one, the reason behind this is that it have some components that can help in terminating the pregnancy. Green papaya has certain enzymes that help to contract the uterus which can help women to terminate the pregnancy which looks like a miscarriage. So you can use this remedy to terminate your pregnancy.


If a is addicted to or smoke those women quit it so that it doesn’t harm the . mental and physical defects in the and when it is consumed in an quantity that time it to miscarriage.


This is one of the best can use to terminate the pregnancy. Pineapple bromelain present in it and this helps to soften the uterus wall. During bromelain dissolves the uterus wall due to which the the fetus is affected and lead to miscarriage.

Raw poultry and eggs:

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods that can help the to be strong. But raw and eggs contain some bacteria which provide an condition for the growth of fetus due to which it dies expels. The bacteria found in chicken, seafood, uncooked egg is salmonella which to abort the child.

Sesame seeds and honey:

If you consume sesame seed in large amount then it may lead to abortion. increase the heat in your body and affect the to which miscarriage takes place. White sesame used for miscarriage whereas black sesame seeds if consumed during the later stages of pregnancy then it may ease childbirth.

Vitamin C rich food:

Too many of oranges can act as contraceptives. If on the most fertile day and you have intaken too much consumption of vitamin C then it acts as during . Hence consuming too much of vitamin C can help you to abort the fetus during early stages.

Caffeinated drinks: drinks if consumed in moderation is good. But consuming more than 200mg can help you in miscarriage. Caffeine is a natural diuretic which helps to flush out the fluids from your body due to which your body faces the deficiency of calcium and water which affects the growth of the fetus and leads to miscarriage.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is not just for your skin it can even help to have a . Aloe vera histamine properties that help to cause the conditions like pelvic or affects the uterus wall which results in miscarriage.