Remedies that can help you treat bladder infection
Remedies that can help you treat bladder infection

A bladder infection is the most common and known type of urinary tract infection.  This infection usually happens due to the bacteria growing inside the bladder. This infection can be found in anyone but it mostly affects women.  This infection can be treated with the help of meds as well as some remedies. Due to this infection, you may come across the symptoms like the urge to urination, blood in urination any other symptoms.

Following are some of the symptoms which can help you to treat your bladder infection:

Drink plenty water:

           Urine is just the waste product of the body. The concentrated and dark urine can be painful as well as irritating when you have an infection. Hence drinking plenty of water flushes out the bad bacteria from the bladder. Due to which you can get rid of the infection. Consuming plenty of water dilutes the urine and makes it less concentrated due to which you may face less irritation and pain while passing the urine. Along with consuming water you also have to restrict the caffeine and soda so that it doesn’t disturb your bladder.

Urination frequently:

              Frequent urination can help you to eliminate the bacteria from your bladder. If you hold on your urination or do not go to the bathroom whenever required then there are more chances of infection getting increased. Hence passing on urination can help you to make the bacteria out of your body.  Hence after intimating sexually, you need to urinate so that these bacterias are flushed away.  Sexual activity can push these bacteria more deep in the urethra in men as well as in women so urination can help to prevent germs settling and causing infection.


             A bladder infection can be treated effectively with the help of antibiotics. If you have this infection then you need to use medication so that you can get rid of the organism which causes infection. If you notice the symptoms of urinary tract infection then you need to get it treated so that it doesn’t give rise to other problem.

Pain relievers:

                 You may experience pain in the pelvic region due to bladder infection even though you are not urinating. This antibiotic can help you to treat the pain. But it will take a day or two so that this drug can work. Taking painkillers can help you to ease the discomfort you feel.

Heating pads:

                 Heating pads can help you to ease the pain. Putting low heat if you have abdominal pain or back pain during bladder infection can help you sooth the aches.  This remedy works if you combine it with medications.

Wearing appropriate dress:

                   Bacteria usually grow or breed in the moist and warm area. Women who wear tight jeans or tight clothes can trap the moisture in delicate areas due to which it becomes easy for the bacteria to breed. Hence wearing loose clothes allow your skin to breath and may also keep away the urinary tract tissues.