Tips to stay hygienic during medical termination
Tips to stay hygienic during medical termination

Maintaining hygiene is important before and after termination so that you can recover fast from termination. Many of the women buy Cytotec online to cease the early maternity and it is also important that women should have knowledge about maintaining hygiene during the medical process.  Medical termination process starts by taking abortion pills which shed the uterus lining so that fetus can be separated and pregnancy can be expelled.

Genitals are gifted with natural hygiene system but still, you should also try to keep it clean. The vaginal flora is a bacteria that stays inside the vagina which is dominated by lactobacilli species. This vaginal flora is required so that it produces hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and other constituents so that your genital area stays clean. During termination the genital area becomes sensitive and they can even get affected by bacterial infection. Hence you need to take a proper care during termination. Also, make sure that you do not disturb the pH level of the vagina.

Following are some of the tips which can help you stay hygiene during the medical process:

Use sanitary pads instead of tampons:

                  Though women prefer to use tampons but inserting something in your vagina during this time can result in bacterial infection. Hence you are supposed to restrict the use of tampons. Use maxi sanitary pads as you may have heavy bleeding as compared to normal menstrual cycle. Also, you are suggested to use fragrance-free pads.

Change sanitary pads frequently:

After you buy abortion pills and use them it is normal that women may bleed. During termination, it is important that you monitor your bleeding. Blood clots of lemon size and heavy bleeding may be noticed initially and after 2 days the bleeding may get lighter. Due to heavy bleeding women need to change the sanitary pads more frequently as compared to periods. When bleeding gets lighter it is an indication that the fetus is been removed from the body.

Keep your body clean:

                During termination, it is important that you have a shower instead of a bath. Even if you are washing your body make sure that you do not hurt your genital areas. Do not direct washing from anus to vagina because it there are chances of bacterial infection transmitting to the vagina. The right way which you can use is clean the vulva or genital first and then wash your anus. You should also avoid hot water cleaning and should also avoid swimming during this time. Having a clean body can help you to feel refreshed.

Dry your vaginal area with a towel:

                   If you wipe your genital area with tissue, towel or clean cloth then do it in one soft stroke from the vagina to anus to avoid the interaction of bacteria from the anus to vagina. This action cannot be vice versa.

The hygiene should be maintained properly so that you do not have the risk of having an infection.  Taking proper measures can help you stay hygiene as well will also help in fast recovery. Not only measures should be taken for staying hygiene but also medications should be purchased from the right sources.