Don’t want anyone to know about your pregnancy? Want to terminate? Use Cytotec
Don’t want anyone to know about your pregnancy? Want to terminate? Use Cytotec

Women though, use many of the ways to avoid pregnancy, but some of the other way it doesn’t work. Many of the women use contraceptives and intrauterine device due to which women have to face the problem of pregnancy. Due to this woman uses many of the other natural remedies and also order abortion pills online to have a safe and complete termination at home corners. The pills used for termination are FDA approved and can be used without anyone’s assessment. This medication can be prescribed by the doctor so that it can help you to have a termination without letting anyone know.

The uses of this pregnancy termination pill:

Most of the women prefer using Cytotec pill for the purpose of termination. This medication contains Misoprostol as an active ingredient and this medication is also used for the treatment of stomach ulcer and starting stomach ulcers. This medication is mostly used in combination to Mifepristone pill to have 1st-trimester abortion.

The process of medical termination:

If you are using the Abortion Pill for pregnancy termination, then you need to gulp 4 pills of this medication and you need to gulp this medication buccally. You need to intake 4 pills at a time and then dissolve this medication in your mouth with the help of your saliva. This medication helps to shed the uterus lining and then contract the uterus so that pregnancy parts can be dispelled from the body.

The conclusion of pregnancy:

After you order Cytotec online and use it you need to have an ultrasound test to conclude the pregnancy. After two weeks of having a termination, it is important you have an ultrasound test to make sure that no retained parts left inside your body.


Cytotec Abortion Pill should not be used by the women who have medical issues related to the liver, kidney, diabetes, blood pressure, intestinal infection and uterine rupture. Women those who are allergic to any of the ingredients of this pregnancy termination pill should stay away from the use of this Abortion Pill. Also, if your age is above 35years then you need to be sure that you avoid the use of this medication for termination purpose. Ectopic pregnancy cannot be terminated with the help of abortion pill. If the women have the intrauterine device in the body, then you need to remove the device first then use this Cytotec pill.


Cytotec pregnancy termination pill interacts with many of the medications so make sure that you do not use any of the medication that reacts with this termination pill. Alcohol and smoke have an effect on these pills so make sure that you do not use alcohol or smoke while on this Abortion Pill. If you are pregnant then make sure that you do not use this pill for treating stomach ulcers as it can terminate your pregnancy. Sanitary pads should be used while on this medication and avoid the use of tampons. Medical termination is one of the suggested ways in which women can choose over surgical termination and most of the women stick to medical termination as it is the cost-effective medication.