Ectopic and ruptured ectopic pregnancy symptoms and treatment
Ectopic and ruptured ectopic pregnancy symptoms and treatment

When women discover that she is pregnant, it is the happiest moment of her life. The lady begins to dream about the child and also prepares herself for the 9 months. Having a normal pregnancy is okay, but it becomes a trouble when the pregnancy is ectopic and it is also known as tubal pregnancy. This pregnancy can lead to the death of a mother due to complications. If you are having a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, then you need to seek a medical treatment.

Ectopic pregnancy:

When women have a normal pregnancy, the fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus. There is one in fifty pregnancy, which are ectopic and if you have this pregnancy that means the egg is fertilized outside your uterus.

How does Ectopic pregnancy happen?

The fertilized egg goes down to the Fallopian tube in the uterus. In case this tube is blocked or damaged then it is not possible to push the eggs towards the uterus due to which the eggs remain implanted in the tube. These eggs begin to develop in the Fallopian tube and results in ectopic or tubal pregnancy. These types of pregnancy are mostly suggested to terminate so that the life of the mother is not risked.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy:

  1. If you have ectopic pregnancy then you can have the following symptoms:
  2. Lower abdomen pain and inflammation in the abdomen
  3. While urinating facing the pain
  4. Vaginal bleeding, which appears like implantation bleeding
  5. Having pain while passing stools
  6. If women have an ectopic pregnancy and as it grows the women may also suffer from external bleeding, which can happen due to falling in progesterone level. Due to ectopic pregnancy, women may even have to face internal bleeding.

Ruptured ectopic pregnancy:

When there is a fertilized egg in your Fallopian tube, then it requires space to grow. The Fallopian is not stretchable nor it is elastic like a uterus and as the egg grows the tube begins to expand. These Fallopian muscles can stretch to a limit and once this crosses the limit it causes rupture to the tube. Having ruptured ectopic pregnancy can also lead to severe internal bleeding.

Signs of ruptured ectopic pregnancy:

  • Unbearable and sharp pain in the pelvic region
  • Stabbing pain in the back and lower abdomen
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Low blood pressure and vomiting
  • Pale skin and fainting spells


Ectopic pregnancy gets ruptured after 6-8 weeks from the last menstrual period. If your eggs are fertilized partially into Fallopian pain, then it may take about 12- 16 weeks for the pregnancy to get ruptured. Treating ectopic pregnancy is important as it will affect the women and will result to be fatal. This pregnancy cannot be terminated with Abortion Pills and hence it is important that you diagnose if you have an ectopic pregnancy or not and seek a treatment. Nowadays, due to advanced medical treatment, there are rare cases wherein women die due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy. This is possible because now the pregnancy is terminated using a surgical way before the pregnancy gets ruptured.