Experience a stress-free and simple medical abortion
Experience a stress-free and simple medical abortion

MTP Kit is the most demanded combinations of 2 types of abortion pills which includes Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These two pills are beneficial in causing safe pregnancy termination for those women who do not wish to continue the pregnancy. There is an eligibility criterion for opting for a medical abortion. A woman’s pregnancy has to be 10 weeks older or lesser than that in order to opt for a medical abortion. You can also count the pregnancy duration at home itself by counting the number of days of pregnancy from the first day of recently passed menstruation till date. You can also opt for an ultrasound for counting the duration of pregnancy. You must buy abortion pill online and take benefits of an effective abortion. Given below are certain details of this medicine one must be aware of

Working Pattern

Both the Abortion Pills work together to end pregnancy quickly and successfully, but both the medicines function differently.

Mifepristone Abortion Pill

Mifepristone tablet is considered as an anti-progesterone synthetic tablet which is beneficial in blocking progesterone functions. The placenta attached to the fetus is unattached when the uterine lining is broken. The fetus stops advancing when progesterone is stopped from passing the desired nutrients to the fetus. Also the pregnancy termination pill benefits by widening the cervix. The next process of removing the dead fetus out is done by the next abortion medication.

Misoprostol Abortion Pill

This abortion pill is said to be prostaglandin analog which helps remove the fetus out. For fetus removal through a natural process, Misoprostol tablet causes severe contractions in the womb, which then leads to removal of the lifeless fetus and the rest of its pregnancy sections out. All of this is expelled in the form of heavy vaginal bleeding and large clots of blood.

The dosage of MTP Kit

In case you are planning to buy online MTP Kit, it is important to understand the consumption of the abortion kit as both of the medications holds different consuming pattern. The MTP Kit usually comes with a dosage manual which comprises of all the desired information so you can either refer that or you can even speak to your healthcare advisor for more information.

The primary abortion pill is available in the dose of 200mg so you need to consume this single tablet orally with the help of water. Make sure the consumption of the medicine is done as it is without breaking, chewing or dissolving it. Also, you must take the medicine after an extremely light meal or you can take it on an empty stomach.

The next 4 tablets of secondary abortion pill Misoprostol have to be consumed buccally. The process requires you to place 2 tablets each on both the sides of cheek pouch and let them sit until dissolved. Once the medicine dissolves make sure to consume water and ingest the leftovers.

Precautions of MTP Kit

Make sure to follow the below-mentioned precautions for effective abortion

  1. You must get an Intrauterine device removed before an abortion. 
  2. MTP Kit must be used only when not allergic to components of the medicines. 
  3. Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarette to ensure that the process runs smoothly without any side effects