Other characteristics to be considered before having a medical termination
Other characteristics to be considered before having a medical termination

Before you decide to have a termination there are certain factors which you need to consider other than your gestation period. There are many of the things which make you eligible to have a safe pregnancy termination. But there are also some of the points which make you ineligible to have a termination.

Following are some of the points which you need to consider before you order abortion pills for use:


The pregnancy termination pills- Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill soon after administrating enter into breast milk. This medicine through breast milk passes on to the infant and can result in diarrhea. Hence breastfeeding mothers are suggesting that they feed the child after 4 hours of intaking this medicine or before 4 hours of gulping this termination pill. In case you are using the Misoprostol pill buccally then you are suggested to feed the baby after 6 hours or more.


Age is actually factored which should be considered and these medicines are neither used by adolescence nor by the old age.  The girls below 18 years should avoid it because their body is not ready to take the trauma of the contraction of the uterus and this can affect their mental health as well. The women above the age of 35 years should avoid the use of abortion pills as this can create the complications.

Thyroid disorder/ insulin dependent diabetic patients:

There is no evidence that whether this disorder associated people are eligible to use this abortion pill or not, but still, they are restricted to do so. Mifepristone alters the insulin level, but this may not reflect not in insulin level or blood sugar.


During pregnancy termination, if anemia is detected then you need to seek a treatment. As compared to surgical termination women bleed heavily during medical termination and therefore anemia must be considered while having heavy bleeding.


The cardiovascular disease is the major disorder which happens due to smoking and smoking really do affect the medical termination is not known but still, it is restricted. Hence the cardiovascular disorder is a condition that is a contraindication to abortion pills while having a medical termination.

Multiple pregnancies:

Multiple pregnancies can fail due to many of the reasons, but there is no evidence that there is a higher failure rate of medical termination, or due to different doses of abortion pills in case of medical termination.

C-section surgeries:

Medical termination is not affected in case if you have had any of the previous delivers including C-section surgeries.

Medical termination is safe, but it is necessary that you make sure that whether you have a medical condition or not so that you come to know what are you eligible for using abortion pills or not. Women stick to medical termination as this is one of the suggested methods as compared to surgical termination. Women prefer using these ways as this method does not require any of the medical instrument been induced in the body. These medicines are legalized and hence doctors prescribe its use for termination.