Tips to know before conceiving after abortion
Tips to know before conceiving after abortion

Having pregnancy termination or miscarriage both is the very stressing situation and no women would like to experience such situations. After you have a pregnancy termination or miscarriage women can have the feeling of guilt, hopelessness, pain of negative relationships. This also makes the women feel like a part of them has been killed. Many of the women after having multiple abortions are able to conceive which again brings the happiness. Many of the women use Abortion Pills online and after some time, they again get into conceiving process.

Before you conceive it is important that you take care of basic things:

Make sure that reproductive organs are not damaged:

Nowadays medical facilities are very safe and many of the women even stick to having a medical abortion. These pills do not cause any damage or infection as well as it is not risky to use this medicine. Before you prepare to conceive you need to make sure that you consult a specialist so that you come to know whether your reproductive organ is capable of handling the responsibility of pregnancy or not. After conducting some of the tests you come to know whether your capacity to release eggs has tampered or not.

Be careful after having multiple abortions:

Some women may have multiple abortions and this is not a cause to worry. Due to multiple abortions, your cervix may get weakened, but it can be strengthened with the help of exercises. Even if your cervix is weak still you can conceive only the doctor may need to stick it close so that baby can be placed safely in a place.

Do not try soon:

If you have aborted the child or had miscarriages recently then you need to give time to your body to heal. Conceiving soon after having pregnancy termination can prove to be dangerous and this is because due to abortion your uterus goes under lots of stress. All the medicines that you took for pregnancy termination make you bleed and contract the uterus which can weaken you. Either it is medical termination or surgical termination it affects your mind as well as your body, hence after having termination or abortion you at least need to wait for one year to conceive.

Use contraceptives:

Even after losing the baby you will have physical contact with your partner and this should not be a feeling of guilt. Having sex helps you to come up with depression and will help you to feel good. It is perfectly alright to indulge in sexual activity, but make sure that your partner uses contraceptives as you cannot afford to again get pregnant. Also, make sure that you avoid using birth control pills as hormonal changes can affect your weakened reproductive system.

Seek an advice from a specialist:

Whenever you want to conceive after having an abortion you need to seek an advice from a gynecologist. After undergoing the stress of abortion, it is necessary that all the test is being conducted to know that your body is ready for pregnancy or not.