For Unintentional and Objectionable Pregnancy Use Generic RU486
For Unintentional and Objectionable Pregnancy Use Generic RU486

An option of abortion is opting for a pregnancy that is no longer. Pregnancy should be a choice and not a burden for someone. There are many places where abortions are not allowed, but there are certain factors that must be considered from a woman’s point of view as well. There are certain factors that make a woman take up with such a decision such as rape, unstable financial status, professional life, not mature enough to handle, etc. Women experiencing a pregnancy that is 70 days older or lesser can easily terminate their pregnancy with the help of a medical abortion. In the cases where duration exceeds more than 70 days women are advised to look for a surgical abortion. For safe and easy termination women can buy Generic RU486 online and terminate their pregnancy easily.

Overview of Generic RU486

The generic version of this medicine is Mifepristone which works as a primary Abortion Pill. The Abortion Pill is known as an anti-progesterone tablet because it restricts progesterone from advancing pregnancy. Progesterone hormone present in the body is used for delivering important nutrients and oxygen to the embryo for growth purpose. Once the hormone is stopped from passing the essential nutrients the embryo loses a life. Half of the work is already done by Mifepristone tablet. Doctors always suggest buying Misoprostol abortion pill online because the combination of the two tablets leads to 99% successful abortion in women. The tablets of Misoprostol function by causing severe cramps which bring the fetus out in the form of vaginal bleeding.

Dosage Schedule of Generic RU486

Women who buy abortion pill online get 1 tablet of Mifepristone holding a dose of 200mg which has to be combined with 4 tablets of Misoprostol. You need to orally consume the Generic RU486 tablet with water. The consumption can be either over an empty stomach or you can even consume over a light meal. Post 24-48 hours you need to buccally ingest the Misoprostol tablets and within 2 hours you tend to experience severe vaginal bleeding. Consult the physician for better consumption and effects. 


There are certain conditions under which women must not consume this Abortion Pill. You must not use the pill if-

  1. Your age is lesser than 18 years
  2. Allergic to components of the abortion pill
  3. Suffering from bleeding disorders, liver, kidney or heart disorders
  4. Your pregnancy is ectopic (outside the womb)

Safety Information of Generic RU486

  • During the abortion process, you must avoid consumption of alcohol and stop smoking cigarette for at least 14 days.
  • Get an IUD removed before the process starts.
  • In case you experience excessive bleeding make sure to consult the doctor. 
  • Keep a check on your post-abortion diet to ensure that you recover soon.
  • Female is advised not to breastfeed for 1-2 days as the components of abortion pill can be harmful to the kid.
  • Make sure you visit the doctor for an ultrasound after 14 days of abortion