Things that Can and cannot be carried out Post Abortion
Things that Can and cannot be carried out Post Abortion

Abortion is never a good option and something to be promoted but for someone experiencing an unwanted pregnancy and the one who is not ready for an abortion, it becomes quite important. There are several factors where the woman is not ready for keeping a pregnancy and so in such cases it becomes important to terminate the pregnancy and let it go. Make sure to consult the doctor when you plan to online buy Abortion Pill and opt for a medical abortion. it is difficult to deal with an abortion both physically as well as mentally. The after effects are many times quite emotional and heartbreaking for women. Not many can deal with it hence you must know things that you can and things that you cannot do after a medical abortion.

Coming home post-abortion

A medical abortion can be carried out at home as well as at a clinic. If you carry out a medical abortion at the clinic you might as well reach home post 1 to 2 hours. Also, you need not wait for a check-up or a follow up after abortion as it is not required. Only if someone is concerned you can opt for a clinical test or check-up. You might come across women with different emotions. There are some of them who experience relief and quite relaxed post-abortion whereas there are some of them who are not able to handle it. Women usually experience guilt, sadness and at times experience depression. For such people, there are help centers available for counseling purpose that help you out and overcome the stress.

Intercourse after abortion

Intercourse is not recommended post-abortion because women take time to recover physically from abortion. Also, women at times might experience infection if intercourse is done within a week or two. If someone still wishes to do so right after their abortion, they must consume birth control pills to avoid getting pregnant again as the chances are higher within a week. You can always openly discuss the problem with your partner and in case of some severe complications always consult the doctor.

Travelling post-abortion

You are not at all advised to travel on the same day when you have taken MTP Kit online for a medical abortion. Long distance travels for about 4 hours or air traveling is strictly not advised as it increases the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Swimming after an abortion

Swimming is not recommended by the doctors immediately after an abortion or even for a week. The proper reason has not been stated by anyone as such but because the swimming water comprises of certain chemicals there are higher chances of women experiencing an infection in the genital area. Make sure not to swim for at least a week or two.

Getting Back to Work post Abortion

When it comes to working, one can resume as soon as they recover. If your work requires more physical work rather than sitting in one place you are advised not to join so early.