Abortion pill- To access medical termination in privacy with less or no risk
Abortion pill- To access medical termination in privacy with less or no risk

Having an unplanned pregnancy terminated with the help of medicine is completely secure and safe way of ending your pregnancy. This whole process of termination can be easily conducted at home corners or at clinics. You just need to online buy Abortion Pills and the further process can be easily conducted to terminate the unplanned pregnancy. This is one of the best non-surgical ways which helps you terminate the pregnancy and also this is a less expensive way to terminate. These pills are provided to you at doorsteps which also help you to maintain the privacy of the termination.

Pregnancy test done at home are reliable?

There are some of the women who stick to home pregnancy test but it is prescribed that you have an ultrasound test to confirm your pregnancy. This is one of the safest and best ways to confirm the pregnancy, as well as the ultrasound test, helps to confirm the gestation period. The results that ultrasound tests give are accurate and the home pregnancy tests results can sometimes be not accurate.

Is it safe to travel alone while on the termination pills?

After using Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills it is necessary that for 24 hours you have avoided traveling. Misoprostol results in heavy bleeding and cramping which are sometimes unbearable and not easy to manage hence you are suggesting that unless the process gets completed you need to avoid traveling too far places. Also, if it is necessary to travel then make sure you have someone with you so that they can assist with medical care if required.

How is the bleeding during the process?

After you gulp Misoprostol heavy bleeding may start and it may last for a few hours. After you pass all the pregnancy parts the blood may become less as menstrual flow. Further bleeding can continue for 3-4 weeks.

Which activities should be avoided while you are on these pills?

  • While you are on the abortion pill, it is necessary that you do avoid some of the activities so that you can come up from the trauma of the termination
  • You are advised that you do avoid being involved in sexual intimacy as it can result in pregnancy again or may result in some side effect.
  • After using this abortion pill, it is also necessary that you do not perform any of the activities which can apply pressure on your abdomen which can result in heavy bleeding.

What can make you ineligible way to use this abortion pill?

These pills for termination make some of the women ineligible for using the abortion pills:

  • If the women have underlying medical conditions like blood pressure, liver, kidney, uterine rupture and intestinal infection.
  • Some of the women may be allergic to the ingredients of these pills, hence such women should avoid the use of these pills. 
  • Also make sure you do not carry an ectopic pregnancy, age above 35 years and having the intrauterine device in the body.

What else risk are involved while having a termination?

Some of the women may bleed heavily after using these pills and due to this, you may also require a blood transfusion. In case you have an incomplete pregnancy termination, then you may even have a birth risk of fetal deformities.