Demolish Your Unwanted Pregnancy through Cytotec Abortion Pill
Demolish Your Unwanted Pregnancy through Cytotec Abortion Pill

Cytotec abortion tablet that is also known through its generic name as Misoprostol is an effective termination tablet. For pregnancy gestation of 10 weeks or lesser, one can buy abortion pill online and consume it for termination of an unwanted pregnancy. In case you are still confused about the medicine, then make sure you consult the doctor and take the desired information related to the mechanism, precautions, and dosage as well. The Cytotec abortion pill alone can carry out the pregnancy termination process, but if the consumer combines the medicine with another abortion tablet named Mifepristone the efficacy level rises up to 99% to 100%. Read the below-given information to know more about medicine.

How does the Cytotec tablet function?

Misoprostol tablets are basically used for causing severe contractions in the womb. A woman experiences severe cramps after about 30 minutes of consumption of the medicine. The initial and primary abortion pill named Mifepristone is administered first that tends to block the functions of progesterone hormone which helps in advancing pregnancy. Once the embryo loses life inside the womb Cytotec comes into action and removes the lifeless fetus in the form of vaginal bleeding. All the fetal sections are flushed out in the form of heavy clots of blood and excessive bleeding. This is pretty normal as bleeding indicates that abortion has been initiated.

What is the strength of Cytotec and consumption pattern?

Initially, you are required to consume Mifepristone abortion pill orally. Later, after about 24 to 48 hours, you are suggested to take the Cytotec tablets. The medicine is basically available in 4 respective tablets and the dose of each tablet is 200mcg. The tablets are supposed to be ingested buccally wherein make sure you place 2 tablets on both the sides of cheek pouch and let them dissolve. Do not consume water during consumption. Later after the medicine has dissolved properly, you are required to consume water to take in the leftovers to complete the abortion process. When you buy Cytotec online you need to follow the rules and regulations suggested by the physician. Make sure not to alter the doses as per your convenience as it can interrupt the termination process.

What precautions must be undertaken to avoid ill-effects?

There are a few precautions you must take before, during and post-abortion-

  1. You must get an intrauterine device removed if inserted.
  2. Consume an extremely light meal before consumption of the abortion pill because heavy, oily or greasy meal can lower the effects of the tablet making it less effective.
  3. Women should not administer alcohol or smoke cigarette as it turns out to be harmful and interrupts the mechanism. It also has an impact on the recovery process post-abortion. 
  4. Make sure you drink a lot of water during the termination process.
  5. Consumers suffering from disorders related to liver, kidney or heart must strictly avoid usage of the tablet.

What are the possible side effects?

There are few side effects that might affect an individual. Not everybody tends to suffer the side effects and also they are temporary and completely mild in nature. Few possible side effects are drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, severe stomach/ abdomen pain, excessive bleeding, etc