Does Medical Abortion Procedure hold any Risk of Abortion?
Does Medical Abortion Procedure hold any Risk of Abortion?

A medical abortion does not involve the use of surgical tools and any tools and instruments just like a surgical abortion. If you do not buy Abortion Pill online and opt for a surgical abortion, there are higher chances of the person experiencing an infection in the vaginal area or the cervix. The infection might worsen with time and tend to cause severe harm to the vaginal health of a woman. These risks are minimal and do not happen in the case of a medical abortion. In a recent research, it has been seen that the risks in a medical abortion have decreased about 97%, hence you can easily opt for a medical abortion if the duration of your pregnancy is 10 weeks or lesser. The abortion pills come as a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill that benefit in successful pregnancy termination. You must learn the possible risks involved, including the abortion procedure.

Let’s understand the possible risks involved these two abortion pills are used for termination so let's see how each one works and the health risks involved-


Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone tablet that benefits in stopping the pregnancy from advancing. It works to stop the progesterone and ends half of the termination process. After consumption of Mifepristone there is no risk of infection, hence you need not worry about it.


It is a prostaglandin medicine that allows pregnancy contents to expel in the form of vaginal bleeding. This happens when the abortion pill causes contractions in the womb, which eventually brings the fetal sections out. Due to this medicine women not only experience vaginal bleeding but also experience lower back pain.

The infection risk arises when the bleeding gets heavier and also when proper vaginal health and hygiene is not maintained. Also, when women use tampons to soak the blood, the risk of infection arises.

What steps should be taken to alleviate the risks of infection?

Say no to a tampon and use maxi pads:

Often women feel that the vaginal bleeding during a medical abortion is the same as that of a normal menstruation cycle. This might happen in certain cases, but in many cases, women experience heavy vaginal bleeding and lemon size blood clots. Women must then make use of large maxi pads as that tend to soak a good amount of blood for certain hours. Women must shun the use of tampons and menstrual cups as they soak less and hold a higher risk of infection as well. 

Change maxi pads often:

If someone is using normal sanitary pads, then they might have to change it frequently in one single day, whereas someone using maxi pads might have to change it at least thrice a day depending upon the flow. It is important to change them often as it lowers the risk of infections.

Avoid sexual intercourse:

If you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, then this is something which is very important. Sexual intercourse can increase the risk of bacterial infection in the vaginal region or cervix. Do not indulge yourself in sexual intercourse during an abortion or unless you recover completely from abortion.