Get Ready for a Medical Abortion through Easy Steps
Get Ready for a Medical Abortion through Easy Steps

The process of medical abortion is quite effective and simple, hence most women these days prefer this particular method. A medical abortion has its own eligibility criteria wherein the pregnancy duration has to be 10 weeks or lesser. You must give the first priority to your health and that’s when you tend to experience a smooth and stress-free abortion. Women who buy Abortion Pill online must understand how it works to avoid complications. Carrying out the process in the right manner can actually let you experience abortion with minimum side effects. Here are certainly healthy and beneficial tips that will help you to prepare for a medical abortion.

Things to be done before medical abortion-

  • It is important to inform the doctor about your medical history. There are few medical conditions that restrict the usage of an abortion pill. Meanwhile, your medicines reach you, you must understand the mechanism of the abortion pill, its dosage, and the possible side effects you might experience that helps you prepare for it. You can always talk to your health guide and get the health tips and also understand the precautions during an abortion.
  • Women these days prefer using tampons for menstruation but the bleeding occurring after administration of Misoprostol Abortion Pill is heavier than normal menstruation. It is essential to use maxi pads instead of tampons as suggested by the health experts. 
  • Ensure that you get an intra-uterine device removed before an abortion. 
  • You are advised to follow a health regime before, during and after abortion hence make sure you consult that from your healthcare advisor.

Things to be taken care of during medical abortion-

  1. Taking a break from work is suggested during an abortion. The process takes about 2 weeks to end completely so you must at least take an off for about a week from work. Also, if you have an option to work from home then you can always opt for it. 
  2. When you buy MTP Kit online and consume it for abortion make sure you take a light meal before consumption of the tablets. A light meal can avoid the chances of vomiting and nausea. 
  3. Do not carry out any sort of physical activity as it creates pressure on the vagina.
  4. Make sure you have somebody along with you during abortion for assistance as there are chances you might faint or feel nauseous and require help.

Things to be considered after a medical abortion-

  • Women must not breastfeed for at least 2 to 3 days. The components of the abortion tablet tend to get into the milk and can be dangerous for the newborn. 
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol as well smoking a cigarette because it interrupts the working pattern as well as the recovery process.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse after abortion because anything inserted during that time can increase the chances of bacterial infections. It might take you more time than usual to heal completely hence avoid sexual intercourse