Overcome Side Effects of Medical Abortion through Simple Home Remedies
Overcome Side Effects of Medical Abortion through Simple Home Remedies

Medical abortions work best for pregnancy termination of an unwanted pregnancy. It is always convenient to online buy abortion pill and uses it for termination of an unwanted pregnancy. A woman is considered as eligible enough for a medical abortion only when her pregnancy duration is 10 weeks or lesser. Also, the age factor plays an important role and so you should be 18 years and above. A medical abortion never affects the future pregnancies or makes a woman infertile. Just like any other normal medication, even an Abortion Pill tends to have certain side effects which do not last long. These side effects are completely normal and mild in nature and so no medical assistance is required for the same. We came across certain home remedies that can help you get through the side effects very easily with minimal efforts.

Some of the side effects that women might come across are excessive bleeding, severe womb contractions (pelvic pain), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Below mentioned are certain home remedies that can help you cope with the side effects.

Overcome the problem of vomiting/nausea:

The feeling of nausea tends to come across during the abortion process. Also, women experience vomiting during the procedure which is quite normal and you do not require medical assistance for the same. In case you wish to get through the problem immediately here is what you need to do-

  1. To get through the feeling of nausea you can make use of peppermint. It benefits from relaxing the abdominal muscles and also helps you to get over nausea temporarily. 
  2. Since ages, ginger has been the best remedy for so many problems. It takes away the nauseous feeling followed by bringing relief in diarrhea. One can also consume cooked food or drinks including ginger. 
  3. In certain cases where you do not wish to eat or drink anything, you can opt for aromatherapy. To overcome nausea all you need to do is smell peppermint, ginger or isopropyl through cloth or tissue.

Loss of nutrients through excessive bleeding:

Women generally experience heavy bleeding which makes them lose a lot of blood through which nutrients are also expelled from the body. You can manage to retain the lost nutrients through a balanced and proper diet-

  • You can consume a diet comprising of iron as iron is the major component of blood. Consume a proper diet that is rich in iron. 
  • Vitamin-C also plays an essential role which helps in retaining other nutrients. You can always Vitamin-C rich citrus food products. 
  • While you bleed after you buy online MTP Kit and consume it, the best food product is pomegranate and beetroot. 
  • You can even add green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and mustard greens which are rich in iron.

Solve the problem of diarrhea:

Diarrhea termed as a side effect actually helps expel the harmful substances from our body. But during the abortion process, a person already feels weak but diarrhea tends to make them feel more tired and weak. You can still get through the problem immediately, even though it is expected to vanish within some time-

  1. Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water and consume light food products. While experiencing diarrhea it is always suggested to consume fibrous food items. 
  2. Consume vegetables and fruits that comprise plenty of water, electrolyte and fiber content. 
  3. As mentioned above ginger is again helpful and is the best solution to the problem