Possible Consequences of an Unintended Pregnancy
Possible Consequences of an Unintended Pregnancy

Women must be educated on ways to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. Due to lack of knowledge many women choose to continue their pregnancy rather than abortion. There are a number of similar situations where women experience an unintended pregnancy but it is important to consult the doctor and look for better ways. You can online buy Abortion Pill only when your pregnancy duration is 10 weeks or even lesser. Women need to educate on methods to cope with the pregnancy, which must include both physical and emotional recovery. Even if the pregnancy is unwanted, it tends to have an impact on the women and the family as well.

Reasons for an unwanted pregnancy-

  • Unprotected intercourse
  • Failure of contraceptive pills
  • Torned condom
  • Rape (A rare case)

There are situations wherein a woman has to deal with the unwanted pregnancy alone, hence in many situations, they end up following improper practices and ways to end the pregnancy. Doing so can harm your health brutally causing several health problems. Even if someone continues their pregnancy the consequences might again be negative due to lack of knowledge.

Following are the outcomes of an unwanted pregnancy-


Parenting is a big responsibility as you need to take care of the newborn with utmost care and most importantly affection. In such cases, women usually end up not performing well due to lack of affection. This usually happens when the woman is not married and becomes pregnant with someone whom she does not want to spend the rest of her life.


Depression obviously hits women when they have no other option but to continue the pregnancy which is not required. But on the other hand, if she chooses to online buy MTP Kit and end her pregnancy, she tends to feel free and happy and tends to lead a stress and depression free life.

Incomplete Education:

There are so many cases wherein a woman experiences pregnancy in the middle of her education period. Women then choose to discontinue their education and keep their pregnancy as abortion was not something being allowed to woman. Regardless of any factor and cause one can easily abort the fetus and discontinue the pregnancy if not required.

Financial Instability:

Many times, unwanted pregnancies are avoided and aborted due to unbalanced financial conditions because they might lack in providing better facilities to the kid in the future. After an undesired pregnancy, the conditions might worsen.

A medical abortion is always a safer and better method of abortion because it provides complete privacy to the woman. The issue must be tackled in every country and woman must be given the right to abort when the pregnancy is not intentional. The issue can be resolved if women in every country are educated in the right ways. One must look for ways to avoid an unintentional pregnancy so that the need for abortion does not arise. Otherwise, for 70 days, pregnancy gestation one can easily opt for a medical abortion