Simple Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Medical Abortion
Simple Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Medical Abortion

Pregnancy termination without the involvement of surgical tools can be the best and the easiest method of abortion. Before you buy abortion pill online make sure that you are completely aware of the best ways to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and how does the abortion pill function. You must also ensure that you carry out certain steps and measures which are essential for a smoother and better process of abortion. Also, abortion pills do show up a few side effects that are minor and temporary hence you need not worry about the same. Make sure to make your health as your first priority which requires you taking few necessary measures such as-

Prior Medical Abortion-

  • Ensure that you inform your doctor about medical history and possible disorders or problems you have been facing.
  • Meanwhile, the abortion tablets arrive you can understand the functioning of the abortion pill, precautions and consumption method of the same. Women can now buy MTP Kit online and use them after complete and proper consultation.
  • You must learn the proper diet and keep things stocked with you and ready. Things like fruits, vegetables, hydrating drinks, which can be taken before as well as during abortion.
  • You need to stock large maxi sanitary pads as well. Women during their menstruation days usually prefer using tampons which is fine but it is important to avoid tampons during a medical abortion because the bleeding during an abortion is much more as compared to normal menses.

During Medical Abortion-

  • Firstly, make sure that you buy MTP Kit online and make use of it properly by following guidelines mentioned by the physician or the ones mentioned on the guidance manual.
  • You need to consume 1 Mifepristone tablet orally with water. Ensure taking the abortion tablets over an empty stomach as it shows better and faster effects. Post 24 to 48 hours you need to ingest 4 Misoprostol tablets buccally which means placing 2 tablets on both the cheek pouch and let it rest for about 30 minutes until dissolved. Once the medicine is completely dissolved make sure to consume water and take in the leftovers. This is how the whole consumption process comes to an end and you start bleeding within 2-4 hours.
  • During an abortion, it is always better to take a break from your work even through experiencing a medical abortion. Some workplace does offer work from home in critical cases hence you can always opt for a work from home option for those females who cannot skip their work.
  • If you want to avoid vomiting or nausea then avoid consuming heavy food items. You can always consume food items that are healthy yet extremely light.

Post Medical Abortion-

  • It is advised not to consume alcohol or smoke cigarette after abortion as it hinders the healing process and causes severe harm to the woman’s health.
  • Do not indulge yourself in any physical activity. Inserting anything into the vagina can increase the possibilities of bacterial infections.
  • Make sure to visit the doctor post 14 days of abortion for a regular check-up and ultrasound to confirm abortion.