Overcome the Problem of Undesired Fetus through Abortion Pill Pack
Overcome the Problem of Undesired Fetus through Abortion Pill Pack

Nowadays women have loved the effects of medical abortion as it assists in terminating an unwanted pregnancy easily. Medical abortions are proven solutions which provide a problem-free abortion to women. It’s the best for a pregnancy gestation that is 10 weeks older or lesser than this duration. Ensure that you first undergo a proper medical test before you buy abortion pill online. Women can count the duration of their pregnancy at home itself by counting the number of days from the first day of their recently passed menstruation cycle till date. For best confirmation and precise information, you can even undergo an ultrasound. The results are always 100% as medicines

Hundreds of reasons and factors are involved when women choose to buy abortion medicines. Women usually do not keep an unwanted pregnancy because it is not intended and planned. The also financially unstable couple does not keep the pregnancy and people with career choices and priorities. One must respect the choice and support women as it brings stress and depression to them even though they are mentally prepared for it.

Abortion Pill Pack comprises of-

It is the most suggested pack to purchase by doctors because it includes all the desired tablets that are required right from abortion till pills that help in managing the side effects. People that buy abortion pill pack online basically receive the termination pills such as-

  • 1 Mifepristone (200mg dose)
  • 4 Misoprostol (200mcg each dose)

Abortion Pill Pack-Mechanism/Consumption Pattern

The tablets assure termination of unwanted pregnancy completely hence you must not worry about the same. Make sure that you understand the functioning of the abortion tablets first and then consume the medicine after proper consultation of your physician.

  • Mifepristone- The process of abortion basically requires removal of the fetus and its sections out but without the involvement of surgical efforts and tools. Mifepristone is considered as the initial and essential abortion tablet that helps in blocking the hormone named progesterone. This hormone is basically present to provide essential nutrients and oxygen to the fetus for the purpose of growth. Mifepristone blocks progesterone and also helps in softening the cervix for easier expelling of sections. Consume the tablet orally with water when finally prepared for an abortion.
  • Misoprostol- Misoprostol abortion tablet causes severe contractions in the womb that eventually brings down the pregnancy sections. The fetus is expelled in the form of severe vaginal bleeding which usually starts post 2 to 4 hours of consumption. Post 24 to 48 hours, doctors suggest consumption of Misoprostol pills buccally which means placing 2 tablets on both the sides of your cheek pouch and letting them dissolve for about 30 minutes. Ensure that you consume water once the tablet dissolves completely.
  • Flexon-MR- As women experience acute abdominal pain due to Misoprostol, Flexon-MR helps control the severe contractions. It helps in providing relief from the discomfort to the stomach. You can consume the tablet orally with water.
  • Ondansetron/Zofran- The tendencies of vomiting, as well as nausea, can be controlled through this medicine. You can consume the 4mg dose as soon as you start feeling nauseous.
  • Ethamsylate- Bleeding heavily during an abortion is pretty normal but at times women bleed more than desired which is not good for the health hence it is important to control the unnecessary bleeding through the 250mg pill.

Safety Information

Do not overdose the medicine and consume the desired amount. Make sure to use maxi pads during bleeding and avoid using tampons. Visit the doctor for an ultrasound after 14 days of abortion to confirm your successful abortion. Do not breastfeed until 3-4 days of abortion. Women above 35 years of age are advised to consult the doctor before using the abortion pill pack.