Changes in a Women's Body during Pregnancy
Changes in a Women's Body during Pregnancy

The pregnancy phase does not only mean growth of belly. There are several changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy which must be witnessed timely. Usually, during the first trimester, you may not see many changes. The pregnancy does not advance or develop much in the first trimester hence it is the best time to decide whether you want to keep the pregnancy or abort it. Women can safely abort the child if they buy abortion pill online and consume it for effective termination.

For those women that do not want to abort the child and wishes to continue the pregnancy, it is important to understand the changes your body makes during pregnancy. Every part of your body is affected right from your hair till your toenails so we have detailed information which assists you to understand the changes better.

Cardiovascular system

The blood plasma tends to increase during the pregnancy period. Women may also experience a decrease in blood pressure and a minor increase in heart rate. Also, the position that you sleep in has an impact on the blood pressure as well. It is important for pregnant women to experience an increase in their blood volume because it provided women a sufficient amount of blood during the birth process. Usually, clotting of blood happens during pregnancy which increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis.


Once you become pregnant the pH levels in the vagina change. This is the reason why women are likely to experience thrush.


During pregnancy duration, the uterus is distended and twists on the right side of the body. In the pregnancy period, the size of the uterus grows from 50g to 1kg. You might as well experience an increase in blood to your cervix. It also changes the color and there are chances it might turn into a blue-purple color. Make a note of the fact that consults your healthcare advisor immediately if you experience bleeding or spotting.

The respiratory system

The circumference of women's chest cage tends to increase which is one of the main changes that women's body undergoes. As a result of the enlarged uterus, there is an upward dislocation of the diaphragm. Rest of the changes include slight pressure and shortness of breath due to the enlarged uterus. In case any of these persists longer then make sure you seek immediate medical help.

The Renal system

Kidney and bladder are involved in the renal system. The filtration kidney rate, as well as blood flow, increased during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant the filtration system is open to greater molecules. This is the reason women can spot blood when they pass urine during her regular checkups of pregnancy duration.

The Endocrine system

Women tend to experience slight enlargement of the thyroid at the time of pregnancy. Make sure to inform the doctor if you experience growth or lump in the thyroid. The prolactin levels increase which causes changes in the breast which allows breastfeeding once the baby is born. The blood volume tends to increase as and when the rennin and cortisol levels increase. The levels of glucose increase hence patients suffering from diabetes must speak to their healthcare advisor. Women may experience cramps as the calcium levels decrease. This might as well decrease the supply of breast milk.

All of the above-mentioned changes are likely to be experienced by women. There are several other changes that women experience in the second and third trimester because in that duration the growth of pregnancy is faster. Also if you are planning to choose abortion then you can buy MTP Kit online and terminate a pregnancy safely and effectively.