Cancellation Policy

We always try to weave a relationship with our customers that are based on trust and we also value your purchases.

We run on the motto of building a long-term relationship with our customers. Our strategies are derived and formulated so that our customers can derive maximum benefits from them so for your convenience we have the cancellation policies.

At our clients are not only promised with the quality products but also assured quality dealing process, moreover, we deal with only FDA approved products.

Our cancellation policy terms are mentioned below:

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of your order placed as we place your product for shipment only after 24 hours.

Cancellation policy is also based on the delivery process for which our users are advised to see the condition of the product or the parcel and if your products do not match the ordered products or if your parcel is opened or soiled in such a case you can cancel the order and return the products.