Guarantee Policy

We believe in making long-term and genuine relationships with our customer, hence every step that we take we guarantee you about your money, your information, and your products.

In case of products we deal only with FDA approved products that have been well ahead sanctioned for use by our consumers.

We also make sure that we give you all the necessary information whenever you call us or seek help from us.

We guarantee to keep all your information well treasured without leaking it to any of the third party. We also do not allow any of your information to be pilfered at any point of time by keeping it safe with high-end security.

We also guarantee you that you will get your entire money back whenever you place a valid cancellation.

We always try to give you your products within 5-12 days

Those customers who are not getting delivery for 30-35 days due to shipment issues or custom service will get free shipping facilities.